Securing your Orkla account using a smartphone

Registration for Multi-Factor Authentication and Self Service Password Reset

Multi-Factor authentication is required for everyone and is used to secure our identities and eliminates the possibility for hackers to gain access to your account even if they manage to steal your username and password. The same extra layer of verification can also be used to reset or unlock your account when needed. Multi-factor authentication is the same method which is commonly used by banks(BankID or a code chip).

The first time you sign-in you will be prompted to set up an additional sign-in verification method. You can either use a mobile app(recommended) or a phone(sms/call).

If you want to change verification methods or add additional after the initial setup you can do so here:

Download the App

Before setting up MFA you should download the Microsoft Authenticator app.

Scan this QR code with you phone camera, or if you are on your phone now, you can click the link below.
You can also search for “Microsoft Authenticator” in Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Download Microsoft Authenticator

Set up MFA

Go to and sign in to your Orkla account. If it is your first sign-in you will be prompted to register for MFA.


  1. Click Next
  2. Click Next
  3. Click Next
  4. You will be presented with an QR code which you need to scan with your Microsoft Authenticator app
  5. Open the Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone
    Click the + sign in the upper right corner
  6. Click Work- or school account
  7. Point your camera at the QR code showing on the screen
  8. Once the QR code is scanned, click Next to test the MFA.
  9. You should now recive a notification on your phone.
  10. Approve the sign-in on your phone


You have now succesfully set up MFA.

The next time you sign-in and MFA is required you will get a notification on your device to approve the sign-in.
Remember to only approve sign-ins you have initiated!

It is strongly recommended to add additional information such as a phone number/personal email as a backup for MFA in case you lose access to the Microsoft Authenticator app.

Additional information can be set up by going back to: