Other possibilities

We need people at every stage, from production to end-user. This means that there are many opportunities if you want to work with us. If you want to join us in developing the group, we hope you get in touch.

Here’s a taste of some of the areas you can work in:

  • Finance: For example, it could be controlling, accounting, purchasing, finance and much more.
  • HR: If you want to work with people, we have positions in recruitment, leadership, training and development, as well as diversity and equality. We have the opportunity to offer roles at different levels and responsibilities.
  • Communication: If you have this background, you can work mostly in brand building, text production, internal communications and consulting — both nationally and internationally.
  • Business development: We are constantly changing and depend entirely on having employees who give us new perspectives and wish to participate in the development.

Want to find out more? Read more about the various professional areas here.