Orkla Suomi

Orkla Suomi is a leading company in the Finnish food industry providing Finnish homes and Foodservice sector with high-quality and tasteful food and indulgence products. Orkla Suomi was established in 2023, merging Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Finland and Orkla Foods Finland.

Orkla Suomi has operations in four different locations and production in two of them. The company has around 440 employees and is home to many of Finland’s most beloved, delicious, and sustainable confectionery, snacks, and food brands.

The Finnish confectionery brand Panda has been producing chocolate and licorice since the 1920s and is today one of the leading licorice manufacturers in the world. Panda is best known for its original confectionery, happy attitude, and home base at the factory in Vaajakoski.

At the Haraldsby factory in the Åland Islands, which opened in 1969, over 30 million kilos of potatoes are converted into delicious Taffel snacks and Oolannin frozen potato products every year. Similar to Vaajakoski, the factory has its own development laboratory where new and exciting snack ideas are created.

Sustainability is at the heart of product development in Orkla Suomi factories. All products are palm oil-free, cocoa is Rainforest Alliance certified, and factories are contributing to the circular economy.

CEO: Pasi Flinkman

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