Orkla Eesti

Orkla Eesti is Estonia's leading food industry company, uniting two local brands and production units with a long history: Kalev and Põltsamaa. Orkla Eesti also represents several other well-known brands on the Estonian market, such as Taffel, and Laima, Selga.

Kalev’s confectionery, chocolate bars and biscuits, as well as Põltsamaa’s food products, have been the favourites of Estonians for decades.

The roots of Estonia’s largest and oldest sweet factory, Kalev, can be traced back to 1806 when Lorenz Caviezel opened a bakery in the Old Town of Tallinn. Today, Kalev takes pride in its chocolate expertise, earning recognition as a true connoisseur in the region, located in the state-of-the-art factory near Tallinn.

Orkla Eesti has around 600 employees. The company contributes daily to more sustainable production. We’re committed to using environmentally friendly raw materials and packaging, and actively working to reduce our carbon footprint.

CEO: Kaido Kaare

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