Delivering to Orkla

This Business Requirement Description (BRD) is an overview of the general logistics requirements Orkla Group has for its suppliers. It is a description of Orkla’s logistics requirements that is expected to be fulfilled by the supplier. Not all requirements will be applicable for all set-ups; it might vary depending of the type of services, type of products, Orkla company set-up or contract.

Logistics requirements

GS1 standard Orkla

Orkla has a general requirement for suppliers to mark the products with Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) according to GS1 standard

Each pallet must contain two types of labels; one with product information and one with transport-data

  • Product label – content and layout Label content must as a minimum include: GTIN number, Batch, Expiry Date, Quantity on pallet and SSCC-code.
  • Transport Label – Content and layout Label content must as a minimum include: From, To, Via, Gross Weight, etc. (to be updated)

Packing requirement The product should be packed in a way so it can withstand transport to the Orkla site. A general requirement is that pallets should be clean and of good quality

Shipping documents Vendors need to provide the following documents: Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Waybill/CMR/Bill of Lading

Advance Shipping Notification (ASN) Orkla’s intention is to receive an advance shipping notification (ASN) from the supplier. Depending on the set-up with each supplier, this can be sent in different ways and this will be agreed in the contract between Orkla and the supplier

Logistics requirements, detailed description Orkla Group Logistics 1.0 – Suppliers